We are The Attic


And so are you. The Attic is more than just a worship band or a worship night at a church. The Attic is a movement of passionate Christ followers who want to see a revival in this country. Our events have a feel similar to a concert, except the focus is 100% on worship and not on us. Our goal at each event is to create and maintain an atmosphere that is inviting and anointed; so that the Atheist and the seasoned believer alike can have a life changing encounter with Jesus.

Our band changes for each event, usually picking up a worshipper or two from the venues we visit. It's not about the individuals in the band, but about the community that is created when we connect with new leaders. While we do all have different home churches and backgrounds, we don't have a "home location" for The Attic itself,  or a particular church or building where our events are always held. Most of our events take place at various churches and colleges in the St. Louis and surrounding area, but we've been known to step out of the box and into a park, pavilion, or amphitheater from time to time.


At our events, plan on worshipping with us, we're not there to just put on a show for you to watch without joining in. Also plan on being familiar with most of the songs we sing. Although we do some original material, most of what we do is popular worship that the average church attender would hear on a typical Sunday morning.

Our desire is to bring excellence in musicianship together with passionate and vertically-focused worship as we join our community together as one body, as we believe the Bible instructs. We'll get loud and we'll get excited, but we'll also get quiet and intimate and allow time for prayer and reflecting on who our God is.

Our events last a little over an hour, and it's ok to sit or stand or anything in between. We don't have an age limit or minimum for our events, and kids are welcome. However, you may want to consider whether or not your kids can make it through an hour long event without becoming a distraction for others, as we don't provide any child care.

The Attic is for everyone, of any age, and we'll have something at each event for every age group, background, and church.



Brian Santa Maria

Besides being co-founder of The Attic and Worship Pastor, Brian has more than 15 years of ministry experience, in varying capacities and roles. Everything from general creative arts to digital media to worship specific leadership roles have allowed Brian to get hands on in almost every aspect of ministry (both in and out of the brick and mortar church context). Brian's passion for worship and community, along with his dependence on God's blessing and direction, have helped The Attic reach thousands since it was launched in 2012.

Brian Nestel jr

Besides being "that guy" who can play almost any instrument just by deciding to pick it up, Brian Nestel is a true creative with his finger on the pulse of the current generation. Since he was a teenager, he has been serving and leading in ministry roles that helped him grow in passion for Christ as well as cultivate a focus on excellence and cultural relevance. Brian's commitment to bringing his best and giving the glory to God have helped to keep The Attic moving forward at a steady pace.


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