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Our Leaders

The Attic was founded by Brian Nestel and Brian Santa Maria, both of whom lead worship at our monthly gatherings. Brian and Brian have more than 20 years of ministry experience between them, serving in many different churches in various positions. More than just experience, though, the pair rely on God, their family, and a network of friends to keep them on the right track. The vision for The Attic is not simply to be a worship night, but a movement. For that to happen, our leaders know that everyone involved must stay humble, teachable, and constantly renewed in heart and mind. Brian and Brian seek guidance from the Holy Spirit daily to make sure The Attic does only what God intended. Although these guys founded The Attic, they have several leaders teaching and guiding them through ministry, and a family support system to keep them accountable. With a heart for Jesus, and a focus on the generations of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, The Attic leadership is expecting great things to come.


Brian began service in ministry at Grace Church St. Louis, where he joined the worship team at age 18. He quickly found his stride as a volunteer worship leader, while being mentored by some exceptional leaders, and learning about all aspects of ministry. At age 19, he found success in the secular world as well. Brian signed a production/songwriter deal with a major record label and published several works on national recording artist albums. Brian continued to serve in ministry, both on staff and in volunteer capacity, at various church bodies in and out of St. Louis. Currently, Brian and his wife, Amanda, are still serving in their local church, while traveling to offer guest worship at churches around the country.


Brian has served in ministry as a sort of McGyver in the field since he was 12. Anything from sound, to recording, to design, and any instrument he happens to pick up has been "his thing." More recently, Brian has found his stride as a worship leader, and has added "vocalist" to his already impressive list of skills. A very intuitive learner, Brian has spent his youth developing any skill he can while serving in ministries big and small, local and across the country. Most recently, he has lent his musical gift in worship conferences along side known worship leaders/artists such as Mark Roach.